5 Iklan Bahasa Inggris Tentang Shampoo

5 Iklan Bahasa Inggris Tentang Shampoo – Apakah kalian pernah melihat iklan shampo? Bagaimana dengan iklan shampo yang ditulis atau diucapkan dalam Bahasa Inggris? Secara penulisannya, baik iklan yang berbahasa Indonesia dan berbahasa Inggris tidak memiliki perbedaan. Berikut adalah contoh iklan shampo dalam Bahasa Inggris.

Contoh 1

Shiny Black Clean Shampoo for Men
Anti-Dandruff and Hair – Fall Shampoo

Do you have a problem with dandruff?
Do you have a problem with hair loss?
Do you not feel confident wit your hair?
Do not worry! Shiny Black Clean Shampoo can handle all of your problems!

This shampoo is specially created to review your problematic scalp and hair.
Shiny Black Clean Shampoo for Men is made from herbal and recommended materials from the experts. It is very important to keep your scalp and hair healthy every single day..

The content of Vita Acenya of the shampoo will make your scalp feel cold.
The content Zink of the shampoo will protect your hair from dandruff and prevents it for the dandruff to come back.
The vitamin and mineral of the shampoo will make your hair healthy and strong.
The conditioner of the shampoo will moisturize your scalp.

Shiny Black Clean Shampoo for Men provides solutions for your hair problems.
Available in the Forms of Sachet and Bottle

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Sachet : US $ 1.2
Bottle : US $ 3.6

Contoh 2

Shiny Hair Shampoo

Shiny Hair Shampoo comes with the latest variant that is equipped with Keratin Damage Blockers technology.

It is the first shampoo in the world that can nourish your hair herbally.
Shiny Hair Shampoo is formulated specially by healthy hair care professional to reduce hair loss by 99% and to make the dry hair bemore healthy and shiny. *
Use Shiny Hair shampoo every day to prevent damage to the hair and moisten it intensively.

Shiny Black Shampoo is now available in an economical package with extra content of up to 20%.

Available in every stores in your city.
Produced and distributed by:
PT. Caring for Living Indonesia

Caring for Living Laboratories
Kedamaian Street No.27, Semarang
Central Java – Indonesia

Contoh 3

Herbal Treatment
Hair Care

Do you have any problem with your hair?
Do not worry! Herbal Treatment Hair Care will handle your hair problems!

Herbal Treatment is now equipped with UV protection that can help protecting hair from the sun and make your black hair shine every day. Herbal Treatment contains pro vitamin B5 which is useful for strengthening hair, and Vitamin B which provides a protective layer for the cuticle that is damaged by the weather, chemical, and metabolic factors.

Ingredients: Water, Zinc Pyrithione, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, , Citric Acid Ethyl Ether, Xylenesulfonate Sodium and Chloride.

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Nett: 250 ml

Protect your hair from the sun damage and get the Herbal Treatment for your beautiful hair as hair is the crown of every girl.

Produced and distributed by:
PT. Herbalife Care.
St. Jati Agung No. 126, Bandar Lampung.

Customer Service: 082176683300

Contoh 4

Exclusive Shampoo

Dry hair?
Branched hair?
Having dandruff?

Exclusive Shampoo is your solution!

PT. Caring for Living Indonesia currently produces Exclusive shampoo for those who have hair problems. Exclusive Shampoo is enriched with a mixture of milk, which is able to soften the hair, and moisturizer cream, which is able to moisten your hair throughout the shiny day.

How to use:
Apply Exclusive Shampoo on your palm.
Add some drops of water to make it a little bit wet until frothy.
Apply the shampoo throughout your hair surface.
Massage your scalp for 5 minutes.
Rinse with clean water until there is no foam left.
For maximum result, use Exclusive Conditioner after using Exclusive Shampoo.

Exclusive Shampoo has many options for those who experience hair problems, like dandruff, dry hair, forked hair, and greasy.

Produced by:
PT. Caring for Living Indonesia
St. Kedamaian No.68, Semarang
Central Java – Indonesia

Contoh 5

Silky and Smooth Hair Care

Do you have problems with your long hair? Is your hair dry? Branching out? Dandruff?
Calm down ladies!

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Silky and Smooth Hair Care is the best solution for you! PT. Caring for Living Indonesia has now launched a new variant of Hair Care for those who have hair problems.

Silky and Smooth Hair Care will take care of your hair and kicks off your hair problems!

Protect your long hair from damages caused by heat and sunlight with Silky and Smooth Hair Care.
Hair Care with conditioner will make your hair beautiful.
Beautiful hair is a reflection of your beautiful life.

Ingredients: Water Zinc Sulfate, Sodium Xylenesulfonate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Chloride, Zinc Pyrithione, and citric acid Ethyl Ether.

Silky and Smooth Hair Care Shampoo and Conditioner are now available in every marts, stores, or supermarkets in your town.
Price: US $ 6.7
* Based on laboratory studies with regular use and the level of silky and smooth hair depends on your hair type.

Produced and distributed by:
PT. Caring for Living Indonesia.
Kedamaian Street, No. 76 Tangerang, Indonesia.
Customer Service: (021) 768273

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